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Does your child have a special interest in art?  Here at Heart Studios, we provide high quality art education classes to all children ages 6 and up, including children who have been diagnosed with disabilities. We provide children with opportunities to discover new artistic hobbies, and embrace new skills through quality art education. We have fun and fundamental group art classes, and private art classes to meet all artistic styles.


Heart Studios provides classes taught by professional art teachers, who teach a variety of mediums in creative arts. We provide the best quality art education experience in a safe environment. We use art to help our students build skills, confidence, connections, and memorable experiences.


The focus is helping children discover their hidden talents in art, and embracing unique individuality. Our studio is located in Edmond, but we also can bring the art class to you!

You will also see us hosting a variety of art gallery events, because we are passionate about creating a platform for local artists, and sharing their work with our community.

Did you know that researchers have found many benefits of art education, check them out below.

Greater Art Education Led To:

  • Improved cognitive development.

  • Improved confidence and overall well-being.

  • Fewer disciplinary infractions.

  • Improved physical development and recovery.

  • Improvement in developing social skills.

"Every child is an artist."  Pablo Picasso



Teacher 3.jpg

Miss Erica

She is a visual artist who enjoys traveling, outdoors, and spending time with her family. Ms Erica specializes in painting, drawing, sewing, and design.

Teacher 2.jpg

Ms. Trish

She is a portrait artist, and dance teacher who has been an creating art for her entire life. Mrs. Trish is a mom and enjoys face painting at community events. Ms. Trish specializes in drawing, watercolor painting, and crafting.


Miss Be'eri

She is and mom, poet, storyteller, and enjoys giving back to the community. Miss Juniper specializes in teaching our poetry, writing, and literacy classes.


Mr. Angel

He has been teaching art to kids in our community for over 25 years. At Heart Studios, Mr. Angel specializes in teaching our robotics, manga/anime, design, steam, and drawing classes.


Miss Darsea

She is a singer, musician, and visual artist who began teaching art back in 2014. At Heart Studios, Miss Darsea specializes in teaching our painting and crafting classes.



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